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Karla + Nate, engaged

Sometimes it just takes a little prayer to shake those photo shoot nerves! I told Nate not to worry and he would be a natural….

Ok, I lied…honestly… he was cold.:)

yanes_eng0002yanes_eng0003yanes_eng0006I have known Karla since she was little. When I married Ted, I was quickly introduced to her incredible family. It means so much to be documenting this huge milestone in their lives.c2c1yanes_eng0010These two have been together for a long time and it shows. They are so natural and easy with each other…yanes_eng0009yanes_eng0027Every year I try to convince as many couples as I can to shoot their engagement session in the winter. The crisp air…. the beautiful light…. the adorable accessories… fresh white powder…. what is there not to love?c3yanes_eng0035This is one of my favorites! Karla, you are adorable, girl!yanes_eng0045yanes_eng0043Whenever I photograph and I lead people to these random but beautiful places my clients always ask, “how did you find this place??” I always reply that I am a wanderer, and getting lost looking for pretty is one of my favorite past times. In this case, I could see how gorgeous this area was from the road, but there were all types of DO NOT TRESPASS signs. But on the same post where the sign was hanging was a happy face made out of wood…. so, I didn’t think they were THAT serious about it. So, I drove up the drive and when I rang the doorbell, the cutest older couple came to the door…. one with hair dye in her hair and the other with lotion all over his face that hadn’t been fully rubbed in yet! They were hilarious and oh so nice! I have to admit that I did breath a sign of relief as I was walking back to my car.:)c6yanes_eng0059yanes_eng0055yanes_eng0062This is what I like to call, The Money Light. During winter time in the midwest, this light is nearly extinct so, I. WAS. STOKED. These two jumped all over my suggestion to hop on a random tire swing in the woods!c4c5yanes_eng0077yanes_eng0078yanes_eng0086Oh goodness you guys, after this engagement, I cannot wait for your beautiful wedding!yanes_eng0088I hope this helps if anyone is considering a winter engagement session! Have fun picking out some adorable boots and accessories and let’s get shooting!:)MWAH!

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Amy + Peter, married!

Amy would make a PERFECT Disney princess. No really… she is full of this incredibly happy energy and makes everyone in the room feel like a million bucks. The minute we came in to start documenting her and Peter’s incredible day, I knew I was part of something pretty special.

Arquilla_Wed_001Arquilla_Wed_003When her makeup artist (Kelly Ledford the great):)put down her brush or went for more shadow, Amy continued to smile from ear to ear. She was one of the happiest brides I have ever seen.Arquilla_Wed_012Oh, the lovely details…..Arquilla_Wed_030c1c2Her mamma was as excited as Amy was and it was an incredible thing to watch. I ADORE this moment between them!Arquilla_Wed_053c3Peter reminds me of a man from the 1940′s! His look is just SO classic and sharp. They make for a PRETTY pretty pair!Arquilla_Wed_059The first look was…. well, kind of storybook. Imagine that.:)c7Arquilla_Wed_151c15c9I can never pass up a blusher! Amy was just stunning!c4Peter was such a good sport! I loved photographing his classic look and he was a GOOD sport while I clicked away. His expression on the right is great! I know I had to have been making some comment about him working it in front of the camera!c5The maids were decked out in this pretty vibrant blue with multiple shades of pink for the accent. It really stood out in their images!c11And the guys are decked out in classic, classic, classic! Perfect!Arquilla_Wed_286Arquilla_Wed_285Amy told me that she would be traveling to the church in a limo with just her dad. I had to pop in and grab one shot before letting them make such a great and lasting memory.Arquilla_Wed_322When we arrived at the church I was greeted right away by these pretties!c6Does this image not say it all? The anticipation… the love of a father…. a moment in time. LOVE.Arquilla_Wed_337Arquilla_Wed_370As I am sure you have already guessed, the ceremony was packed full of emotion and laughter!Arquilla_Wed_414Arquilla_Wed_423Arquilla_Wed_437Every detail of the wedding was classy and simple and it all went together perfectly… a BIG thanks to Kevin Ford for all your hard work and your tireless passion for perfection at every wedding! (and your infectious laugh that is my fav.)c12c13c14Arquilla_Wed_196Arquilla_Wed_632Yeah, those are sugar flowers and all of this is edible! Amazing job, Sugar Realm!c8The toasts are one of my favorite parts of the day! They give you a window into how much everyone loves and cares for them.Arquilla_Wed_598Arquilla_Wed_611Arquilla_Wed_605Arquilla_Wed_621First dance……Arquilla_Wed_655Arquilla_Wed_640….. and Dad’s dance nearly had the ENTIRE room in tears!Arquilla_Wed_673Arquilla_Wed_691I love when the bride is the first one on the dance floor! It always sets the stage for a party!Arquilla_Wed_688Arquilla_Wed_742Arquilla_Wed_735Amy and Peter, you were fabulous to work with and it is a day we won’t soon forget! Congrats!

Ceremony: Hyde Park Community United Methodist Church

Reception: Queen City Club

Hair: Diane Tempest at The Chambers Packer Studio

Makeup: Kelly Ledford at Cincimakeup

Florist: Kevin Ford at Ford Ellington Wedding and Event Design

Entertainment: Johnny Clueless

Cake: Ileana Saldivia at Sugar Realm

Stationary: The Paper Place

Rachel SteckJanuary 30, 2015 - 9:55 am

Oh, this one. This one is one of my absolute favorites. Her smile – amazing. Her dad – I almost cried the Kim K ugly cry right here at work. Beautiful wedding.

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John + Amretha, married!

There was a giddy excitement in the air as soon as we arrived. Not only was she going to marry the love of her life, but mother nature let up in time for her to have the dream outdoor ceremony she had been planning on for months!

_KRT0376When they both stayed at college to take summer classes, they formed a friendship that would soon take them to New York City together and eventually, to a stunning set of nuptials in Cincinnati. We are so excited to share their gorgeous day photographed by Ted and his amazing team!c1We are in love with these shoes! Gorgeous!_KRT0309I love seeing time being put in to all the little details of the day! It takes preparation time from fun to memorable and oh so personal….c14Ummmmm, hello stunner! There is NOTHING like a beaded cap-sleeve!c5_KRT0615Can we all just take a moment to thank mother nature for letting up on the rain that was threatening this outdoor pretty? What a shame it would have been to miss out on this!c3_KRT1869_0077103c9Lovely detail after lovely detail…..c4c6Love these umbrellas!c8One of my favorite times of a wedding day is standing at the top of the aisle, checking light and making sure all my equipment is ready to go…. while watching the grandparents and family interact with each other. These are some of the BEST candid moments of the day!_JON8243As a mamma of three, I love seeing both sets of parents walk the bride down the aisle. I think it really shows a sense of family unity and spirit._KRT2075Johns face…. also one of the best moments of a wedding day!_JON8304Then we noticed the bridesmaids were just as taken by her…_JON8300_KRT2084_JON8330They had accomplished the goal of fusing together Irish Catholic and Indian traditions!_KRT2198_KRT2191_KRT2232I love that they took a moment for their fur baby before heading out for photos!c10_KRT1797_KRT1784_KRT1676_KRT0845Such a beautiful couple!_KRT0741This photo says it all about how John felt on this day… pure joy!_KRT0916Look at all of these beauties! The grey/pink/coral/peach/green combo is so classically pretty!_KRT1169c2And this crew was just happy to be there!_KRT1475Amretha rocked that mermaid dress!_KRT1513c18The Hall of Mirrors inside the Hilton Netherland Plaza was full of warm light and was soon to be filled with a whole lot of love and memories….c11_KRT3093c12c13c7Now this is one of my favorites… I love how she is sweetly leaning in on him. PERFECT!_KRT3487Amretha said, “Seeing everyone have such a good time was incredible!” And boy, she wasn’t exaggerating! Everyone had such a ball!c15c17_0079159_KRT4166We wish you a long life if sacrificial love and friendship with each other! Thank you for allowing us to record such a lovely day in the history of your life…. and many thanks to all the vendors that executed such a perfect day!

Reception: The Hall of Mirrors at the Hilton Netherland Plaza

Hair: Mitchell’s Salon and Day Spa

Makeup Artist: Chelsea Weller

Florist: Rosemary Ballard, English Rose Designs

Entertainment: Sly Band

Cake: Tres Belle Cakes




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