Emily has been an incredible friend of our family for years, not to mention one of our fab second shooters. When she told me she was going on a first date with a guy named Isaac and I saw the look in her eyes, I knew he had to be pretty special. And boy was I right. They are such a perfect match. They are kind, generous, patient, and most of all…. incredibly loving to everyone around them. They will marry one another next month and if being in love was a competition, they’d be winning.:)sites_eng_blog001sites_eng_blog002sites_eng_blog003We completely crashed a vintage carnival and not a soul was there….sites_eng_blog004sites_eng_blog005sites_eng_blog006sites_eng_blog007Super cool + super playful all wrapped into one…..:)sites_eng_blog008sites_eng_blog009sites_eng_blog010I’m not exaggerating one bit when I tell you that her insides are just as beautiful…sites_eng_blog011sites_eng_blog012sites_eng_blog013sites_eng_blog014sites_eng_blog015sites_eng_blog016sites_eng_blog017sites_eng_blog018sites_eng_blog019sites_eng_blog020Isaac is an INCREDIBLY talented musician and I know they will be spending many an evening like this as they grow old together….sites_eng_blog021sites_eng_blog022sites_eng_blog023sites_eng_blog024sites_eng_blog025sites_eng_blog026sites_eng_blog027sites_eng_blog028sites_eng_blog029sites_eng_blog030We made our way to the river where Emily was recently baptized and it was a magical spot.sites_eng_blog031sites_eng_blog032sites_eng_blog033sites_eng_blog034sites_eng_blog035sites_eng_blog036sites_eng_blog037sites_eng_blog038sites_eng_blog039sites_eng_blog040sites_eng_blog041sites_eng_blog042Oh man…. this girl and this light…..sites_eng_blog043sites_eng_blog044sites_eng_blog045You two, thank you for such a special evening that I will never forget. Your commitment to each other and zest for life is infectious and I can’t wait to watch your journey together through life.sites_eng_blog046MWAH, Kortnee Kate….

  • LeanneMay 24, 2015 - 9:39 am

    I had to comment. These are just too gorgeous. What an awesome session!

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I had been watching the weather like a hawk because I knew Brittany and Roddy had planned a gorgeous Kentucky wedding by the river and I was SO excited! They got everything they had been dreaming of and more! Their venue was unbelievable, their weather was perfection and the love from their family and friends was palpable.

This was the very first thing I saw when I arrived. I mean, honestly. It’s the stuff of dreams…Jackson_Wed_0501Brittany was a total cool cucumber while being pampered and hanging with her maids…Jackson_Wed_0004Jackson_Wed_0021c2c1c3I had my eye on the MOB… I knew she was going down when her beautiful daughter slipped on her dress.:)Jackson_Wed_0107Little did I know, at the same time Roddy’s mama was doing the exact same thing…Jackson_Wed_0117c4These two are SO playful and fun! Their first look was so them!c22Jackson_Wed_0242Brittany, you were one gorgeous bride! The lace veil was a perfect touch!c6c5Jackson_Wed_0146It was time to line up to get married and I quickly realized that Brittany wasn’t the only one a little nervous!c9c8c7Jackson_Wed_0374c10Jackson_Wed_0384Jackson_Wed_0386Oh, a teary eyed groom…. It’s on every bride’s bucket list.Jackson_Wed_0388Jackson_Wed_0345Jackson_Wed_0410Jackson_Wed_0414Married!!Jackson_Wed_0434Jackson_Wed_0438Jackson_Wed_0439Jackson_Wed_0559Jackson_Wed_0516Jackson_Wed_0549Hahaha! Workin’ their new bling!Jackson_Wed_0541This WP was ready to party!Jackson_Wed_0201Can we take a minute to talk about this location?? GORGEOUS!Jackson_Wed_0500Jackson_Wed_0477Jackson_Wed_0484Jackson_Wed_0454c12c13Jackson_Wed_0643Jackson_Wed_0642c1415

Since I am not a Southern girl (unfortunately), I decided to let the bride tell you what this next tradition is all about!

“Kentucky Bourbon played a large part in our day – 30 months to the day before our wedding we were allowed to bury a bottle of bourbon upside down at the ceremony site. Southern tradition says that this will bring nothing but perfect weather for your perfect day – and it worked! After the ceremony, the bride and the groom are to dig up the bourbon and share it with guests who traveled near and far! Needless to say, the bottle didn’t last very long!”

c11Jackson_Wed_0599How great is this? Their wedding party was the best!Jackson_Wed_0586Jackson_Wed_0588Jackson_Wed_0673Brittany’s Dad decided to start a new family tradition years ago and began having wooden bears carved of their whole family. Since Roddy had been considered part of their family for so long everyone would always ask, “When does Roddy get his bear!?” During Dad’s toast, he presented Roddy with the long awaited bear that declared him as party of the family! LOVE IT!Jackson_Wed_0609Jackson_Wed_0613

Brittany and Roddy did a “moonshine toast” instead of a tradition champagne toast! Now wonder the dance party was rockin! ha!

Jackson_Wed_0628Jackson_Wed_0637Jackson_Wed_0604Jackson_Wed_0725GET IT RODDY!Jackson_Wed_0744Jackson_Wed_0747The venue was just as beautiful in the dark….Jackson_Wed_0603Jackson_Wed_0786Jackson_Wed_0790

Thank you Brittany + Roddy for allowing us to be part of your seriously fabulous day! MWAH!


A big thank you to all the vendors (listed below) who pulled together every last gorgeous detail!


Ceremony Site: Riverside Inn Bed & Breakfast

Reception Site: Riverside Inn Bed & Breakfast

Flowers: Weddings by Kurt (The Innkeeper at the B&B is also a florist)

Gown: Amanda’s Hyde Park Bridal + Augusta Jones
Hair: Cassandra Longhauser of Mi Salon and Spa

Makeup: Tara Jackson of One Sweet Salon

Veil/Headpiece: Amanda’s Hyde Park Bridal + Augusta Jones

Shoes: Jack Rogers

Bridesmaid Dresses: Amanda’s Hyde Park Bridal + Occasions by Alvina Valenta

Groom’s and Groomsmen’s Formalwear: Jos A. Banks

Invitations: Just A Little Somethin’ by Debbie Krumrei

Rental Equipment: Advantage Tent Rental & All Occasions

Cake: Cake – Fantasy in Frosting

Cakepops – Sweet Lucy’s Cakery

  • Rachel SteckMay 13, 2015 - 7:39 am

    Beautiful! What a fun couple – and I did not know about the whole Kentucky Bourbon thing – really neat!

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When they asked if I wanted to photograph their engagement session in Smoky Mountains National Park, I began counting down the days! There is nothing I love more than photographing two people in love in one of the prettiest locations in the USA. Jake grew up here so it was also like being on a guided tour of the park! Not only that, but it is the only session I have ever been on that I saw a BEAR. It.was.awesome!

Jake and Kat are literally two of the kindest people I have ever met and the definition of southern hospitality.

Roberts_blog_001Roberts_blog_002They are just as sweet as they can be with each other….Roberts_blog_003I was SO excited that we had such a gorgeous day to take photos! They day before AND the day after the session were rainy and wet! This day, the sun was shining and it was warm… Perfect!Roberts_blog_004Roberts_blog_005Roberts_blog_006Kat has such a light and happy spirit with Jake…. she laughed or smiled the entire session!Roberts_blog_007Roberts_blog_008Roberts_blog_009Roberts_blog_010What a gorgeous couple!Roberts_blog_011When I saw this 19th century chapel I was memorized. I came the day before the session and spent a significant amount of time there. It’s just an incredibly peaceful place and this photo says it all about how you feel when you’re in it. Jake and Kat, let’s come and do a vow renewal here one day, ok??Roberts_blog_012Roberts_blog_013Roberts_blog_014I was in love with the w i d e open fields backed up to the mountains! I couldn’t help but want to sing songs from the sound of music. That’s probably why Kat is looking at me like that!:)Roberts_blog_015Roberts_blog_016Roberts_blog_017Roberts_blog_018Roberts_blog_019Roberts_blog_020All the historic buildings! They are lucky there was a sun down or we would have been shooting all day!:)Roberts_blog_021Roberts_blog_022Roberts_blog_023Roberts_blog_024Roberts_blog_025Roberts_blog_026LOVE!Roberts_blog_027Roberts_blog_028Roberts_blog_029Roberts_blog_030Roberts_blog_031Roberts_blog_032

On our way home, we had to drive through the park at dusk. Traffic was running pretty slow and Jake told me that usually means there’s a bear near. So, of course, he was nice enough to pull over while Kat and I booked it out into the woods where everyone was collecting! I will NEVER forget Kat trying to navigate through the woods with her white dress and heals so I could see a bear. I told you, they are the best! I didn’t see it that time but a few miles down the road I saw one running through the woods! Definitely a bucket list item for me!

I am so excited to photograph their big day this December. I know it will be a day packed full of love. Both of these guys are supported by lots of family and friends and I’m honored to be one of them in attendance.:)

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