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Andrew + Johanna + Crosley , Mini Session

This mini session was not only adorable… but it was very special because I photographed these love birds on the day they said, “I do.” From their engagement to their wedding and now to the mini session of their beautiful new family, we are thrilled to call them friends.

Their fur baby (Charlie) was involved in their engagement session so as you can see….. he was thrilled to be in front of my camera once again.:)ha!


brun_blog_0001brun_blog_0002I think they’ll keep em’…….brun_blog_0003I love how he is looking at the pup…. “There’s my buddy!”brun_blog_0004brun_blog_0005Sometimes even friends have trouble sharing the spotlight…..brun_blog_0006Johanna is a natural mamma. She is attentive and over the moon in love with her boy…..brun_blog_0007And don’t they make a gorgeous little family?brun_blog_0008Hello sweet face!brun_blog_0009brun_blog_0010brun_blog_0011Kortnee Kate, are we done yet??brun_blog_0012brun_blog_0013The men….:)I can only imagine the adventures these two will have together!brun_blog_0014brun_blog_0015brun_blog_0016brun_blog_0017He looks like a for real baby doll here!brun_blog_0018LOVE.brun_blog_0019Does anyone else laugh as hysterically as I do at the look on Charlies face?? He is hysterical!brun_blog_0020brun_blog_0021Johanna and Andrew, congrats on your sweet baby! We loved getting to squeeze and love on him! MWAH!brun_blog_0022Check out our behind the scenes video of this session! I love being able to show you all how much fun we have around here!

We have Spring Mini-Session days coming up here soon! We are reserving session times for April 3rd and 4th! To book your one hour session, you can contact us at or give the studio a call at 513.807.300. See you soon!

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AJ + Emily, Engaged!

I have always been one to try and talk my clients into shooting their engagement sessions in the winter. I know…. it’s cold. But, IT’S BEAUTIFUL when it snows and there is just something magical about it. With Emily and AJ, there was no talking them into anything. Emily was on speed dial here at the studio for the moment we saw a good snow day in the forecast and last week, we had our chance! It had just snowed and the trees had a gorgeous layer of powdered sugar on them and the ground was smooth and white. I was so excited!

The moment we began the shoot, they were both already as happy as could be and I knew this was going to be fun!



c1hughes_eng_0012Now, it was C O L D. So, when it was time to take the coats off, they were total troopers. They were ready for anything! I always tell my clients who are worried about potential tough weather on their wedding day that if they are the happiest people at the wedding regardless of what the conditions are……….mother natural will not make or break their images. Emily and AJ are a perfect example!hughes_eng_0040hughes_eng_0041c2I love this…. they’re all like, “Yeah, we can rock 20 degrees….”c3hughes_eng_0032hughes_eng_0038hughes_eng_0025hughes_eng_0022hughes_eng_0023Emily has insanely clear ocean blue eyes! You are stunning, lady!hughes_eng_0030hughes_eng_0027hughes_eng_0043Their version of snow shoes….hughes_eng_0046hughes_eng_0045hughes_eng_0052Can you guys get any more adorable??hughes_eng_0048hughes_eng_0055Poor AJ was so cold at this point and Emily was so cute trying to reach up far enough to give him some blanket! They are just as sweet as they can be with each other. It is easy to see that they will spend the rest of their lives having a whole lot of fun!hughes_eng_0059hughes_eng_0062I adore the endless sea of snow!c4hughes_eng_0076hughes_eng_0071We laughed through the entire session as we played in the snow and taking warm up breaks! I do have to make a confession…. When we finished the session I spent 20 minutes with my feet on the heating vents so I could feel my toes enough to push on the gas petal! The funny thing was, I didn’t even notice while I was shooting because we were having so much fun! Totally worth it.:)hughes_eng_0100hughes_eng_0098hughes_eng_0101hughes_eng_0096hughes_eng_0095hughes_eng_0085Needless to say I am SO excited for your wedding day!! Thank you for being as excited as I was about playing in the snow. See you soon! MWAH!

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Brie + Grant, married!

This wedding truly was, joyous. When we left the reception, we had already set up tentative dates to hang out again. We have been out to dinner with Brie’s parents even! That is how welcoming and loving this family is and you can see proof of it throughout every moment of this wedding day. Brie and Grant are passionate people who are just in the moment, all the time. They were fully present in every moment of the day and found the joy in it all.

When we arrived, Brie already looked stunning and she hadn’t even made it to the hair chair yet!

pet_blog_0001This is Brie’s mamma. If I could loan her out to anyone who feels like they need a little love, I would. This is her all.the.time. and her kids reap the reward of that love again and again….pet_blog_0002Oh how I love wedding details with a little sparkle…. Check out those gorgeous Christian Louboutin’s!pet_blog_0003In the meantime, Grant was busy being hilarious.:)I LOVE THIS.pet_blog_0004After Brie was dressed, her families reactions were priceless…pet_blog_0005pet_blog_0008pet_blog_0006Ummmmm……hello beaded cap sleeve…. Where have you been all my life?pet_blog_0007It was time to let Dad get a look at his little girl….pet_blog_0009pet_blog_0010pet_blog_0011pet_blog_0012pet_blog_0013pet_blog_0014Brie and all her details were so stunningly classic….pet_blog_0015….. and she traveled with a crew of cute….. all of her beautiful nieces…pet_blog_0016pet_blog_0017pet_blog_0018pet_blog_0019As I was treckin’ it down the back hallways of the church towards the sanctuary, I turned and saw this happening…. Grant and his mamma having one last moment before the ceremony…..pet_blog_0020Now this is a lady that knows her role! She was lined up and READY!pet_blog_0021pet_blog_0022pet_blog_0024I LOVE this image of the maids giving one last primp and wave goodbye to Brie and her dad before walking down the aisle…..pet_blog_0023pet_blog_0025pet_blog_0026pet_blog_0027This moment…. I don’t know what he said but the fact that Grant took the time to talk to her dad one last time before marrying his daughter, ugh! LOVEpet_blog_0028pet_blog_0029pet_blog_0030pet_blog_0031pet_blog_0032pet_blog_0033pet_blog_0034Before we began taking portraits of the married couple, Grant handed Brie a piece of paper…. and then she lost it! He had bought her the puppy she had been asking for! How adorable is that?pet_blog_0035pet_blog_0036pet_blog_0037pet_blog_0038pet_blog_0039pet_blog_0040pet_blog_0041pet_blog_0042I love this idea!pet_blog_0043With permission, I borrowed a page from her dad’s toast to the happy couple for the ring shot….pet_blog_0044pet_blog_0045pet_blog_0046pet_blog_0047Brie’s mom and sisters….pet_blog_0048pet_blog_0049pet_blog_0050Air guitar baby! They danced the night away!pet_blog_0051

It was such a pleasure to work with this wonderful family! Thank you again guys for making us feel like we were celebrating with family! MWAH!

****Shortly after this gorgeous wedding, Brie and Grant found out they were expecting a little mini Brie or Grant! To see the post of their precious little boy, click here!*****

Ceremony Site: Indian Hill Church
Reception Site: Kenwood Country Club
Videography: Allen Arts Media
Event Planner: Andrea Schmidt H&RS
Flowers: Sprouts
Gown: Reem Acra
Hair: Chambers Packer Studio
Makeup: Nancy at BrideFace
Veil/Headpiece: Paris by Debra Moreland
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Bridesmaid Dresses: Alfred Sung
Groom’s and Groomsmen’s Formalwear: Folchi’s Formal Menswear
Invitations: Checkerboard
Rental Equipment: Kenwood Country Club (chiavari chairs and linens)
Cake: Cupcake Crazy
Entertainment: Endless Summer Band

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