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David + Sarah

I can’t tell you how much fun this shoot was! A year ago this month, I was photographing these two lovely people, but Sarah was in all white. Their wedding was beautiful! Needless to say, I was thrilled to document the celebration of their first year together!


Habel_holiday_0002Habel_holiday_0007Habel_holiday_0004Just had to document that gorgeous ring again!Habel_holiday_0016Habel_holiday_0011Habel_holiday_0014Habel_holiday_0030Sarah did a fabulous job styling their shoot! How adorable is this!? The 1953 Chevy was the perfect touch!Habel_holiday_0019Ok, this might be my favorite. Love!Habel_holiday_0041Habel_holiday_0039Habel_holiday_0043Habel_holiday_0052The ruby slippers…..Habel_holiday_0055Habel_holiday_0047Habel_holiday_0058Habel_holiday_0061Habel_holiday_0062Habel_holiday_0064One of the best parts about being a photographer is meeting so many fabulous people in a very short period of time! David and Sarah have become good buddies of ours and it is easy to see why! They are so full of life and happy energy!Habel_holiday_0065I might have to hunt down this truck again because I want a photo of Ted and me JUST like this!Habel_holiday_0082Habel_holiday_0075We took all of these photos on Sarah’s parents property. It was GORGEOUS! I mean, doesn’t everyone have a lake with a boat decorated for the holidays in their front yard?Habel_holiday_0108Habel_holiday_0105Meet their fur babies! No really, these two are their for real babies! Sarah makes David put all mice, bugs, etc outside instead of killing them. She is the definition of a animal lover and these two are spoiled rotten! Lucky dogs!Habel_holiday_0096Habel_holiday_0116Why hello pretty people wrapped in pretty light!Habel_holiday_0119I must admit, I was leaning over laughing hysterically more than one time watching Sarah attempt to jump on David’s back! It’s harder than it looks once your past the age of 6! ha!Habel_holiday_0126c1Habel_holiday_0143Habel_holiday_0147And this is why I love these guys!Habel_holiday_0148Thanks you two for letting us continue to document your life. It really is a huge honor and this shoot was SO fun! Mwah!

Kortnee Kate

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Kortnee Kate In Motion : Vesper + David

One of our goals over the last couple of years has been building community. When we are at work, we want to feel like we are surrounded by friends who feel like family…. Framily. So, when we considered shooting video for Kortnee Kate clients, it was exciting to extend our Kortnee Kate Team of super talented friends to work with us! We really haven’t said a whole lot about the video side of our business…. mostly because we were only offering it to our photo clients. With that said, we are announcing that we are now opening it to any of you lovely people who are looking to be wed.:)

I am in love with the shiny new logo….

Kortnee Miller in motion logo


I couldn’t be more excited to show you the gorgeous day that Vesper and David had…. and also to show you the fantastic work of our good friends… the Kortnee Kate In Motion Team! Enjoy!


Glen and Wendy WilliamsOctober 9, 2014 - 4:09 pm

Kortnee Kate in Motion did such a fabulous job. We cannot say enough wonderful things about the staff and photography. A family treasure for years to come. Many thanks. All the best.

KortneeOctober 9, 2014 - 8:37 pm

Thank you Glen and Wendy! We absolutely loved working with your family!

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Andrea + her stylish bump, maternity

Not only is she an INCREDIBLY gifted musician, she’s a self proclaimed “style nerd.” So, when she received my text saying, “Hey Andrea, can you style an adorable maternity shoot for yourself the week before you have a baby?”… she didn’t skip a beat! For anyone who has ever had a baby, you know how busy the week before baby is! You also know how you feel the week before baby comes so I was incredibly impressed with this lady!:)

She brought an array of adorable clothes to choose from but the cool part was, none of them were maternity clothes. When I was pregnant, I also never wore maternity clothes except for the occasional prego jeans…. but only because the hair tie holding my pants together was screaming for mercy near the end. For those of you who are expecting, this is a great shoot to get some ideas on how to look and feel cute, even when you are sporting a basketball under your clothes!

BIG thank you to Amanda Guilmette for some fabulous hair and makeup!


Andrea_Von_001Andrea_Von_006This dress! What a great way to give the belly some space to breath but also give a pop of color and movement!c1c2I would imagine wearing this on that “last date with the hubs” before baby arrives!Andrea_Von_041Andrea_Von_040c3You can find so much at vintage shops as you’re growing out of your daily garb! Nice find, girl!c5How gorgeous is this color on her?!Andrea_Von_074Andrea_Von_079I LOVE this outfit. So sassy and stylish… Who doesn’t want to feel that way when you’re 9 months pregnant?! Gorgeous!c8We took a few photo pit stops for the occasional braxton hicks contraction! ha!c6Andrea_Von_122Andrea_Von_089Andrea_Von_099Andrea_Von_127Andrea_Von_111She tried her hand at hat tossing. It was finally a success but boy, the process of getting there was pretty adorable!Andrea_Von_102Andrea_Von_104Andrea_Von_107Andrea_Von_105Andrea_Von_108Andrea_Von_109Andrea_Von_101Andrea_Von_082Andrea_Von_132Andrea_Von_135Ok, the fact that she could still sit Indian style was pretty impressive. I mean, seriously.Andrea_Von_147Andrea_Von_152Andrea_Von_148Andrea_Von_154Andrea_Von_156Such a classic beauty.Andrea_Von_162Andrea_Von_158Andrea_Von_140Andrea_Von_174As you read this today, Miss Andrea is preparing to head to the hospital! That beautiful baby will be here in the next 24 hours! Early congrats from the Kortnee Kate team, girl!

For all things Andrea and to learn more about her music, her style and her life, CLICK HERE.


Kortnee Kate

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